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Crowne Plaza

The Intercontinental Hotel Group (IHG) wanted a new corporate clothing image for their recently refurbished Crowne Plaza hotel at London Heathrow – and approached JSD to design it. This was the first refurbishment within the Group's new branding programme.

Everyone loved the uniform we designed. Result: IHG awarded JSD a further contract to design and supply the new uniform image for all the Crowne Plaza hotels in Europe and the Middle East. It was the first ever uniform standard for the hotel group. IHG believed JSD was the best partner to listen to their needs and react to their new brand standard. We satisfied them that we had the flair and experience to put together a great looking uniform and provide the best design and quality to suit hotel locations in the differing climates and cultures.

To showcase our designs, JSD organised two days of choreographed fashion shows. 1.600 representatives from around the world attended – and selected the final designs. We then took the garments on tour, showing them to Crowne Plaza hotels throughout Europe and the Middle East, before the uniform launch in September 2009. click here for the full story.